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Citroen C3! A Beauty Led By Fuel Economical Engines

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Citroen C3 2015

A great rival to Ford Fiesta, Citroen C3 cruises in the town with grace and honour

A tiny carexclusively designed to rival the likes of the Ford Fiesta. Whilst it preserves the similar rounded shape of the long-established C3, this model is a long way superior in each department with an enormous leap forward in refinement.

Quiet on the go, it is a significantly confident on the motorway, however is convenient to drive when it cruise around the town, at the same time a variety of impressively least expensive and fuel efficient engines keep its costs low to run.

Citroen C3 Engines

There’s a just right option of engines within the C3 range with the emphasis on economic environment and cheap running costs. The petrol line-up starts with a tiny 1.1-litre Citroen C3 engine with 61bhp (handiest on hand in VT trim) but it’s really slow and the cool alternative is the 1.4-litre engine with 75bhp.

This manages the 0-62mph dash in an officially claimed 14.2 seconds even as returning 46miles per gallon. Equally preferred is the 1.4-litre VTi engine with 95bhp which feels perky and powerful, in particular when tweaking in and out of heavy traffic.

Class Leading Engines

The top of the range C3 petrol engine is the 1.6 VTi with 120bhp, although it just like the 1.4 VTi, but it is a co-production of BMW. It was used in the MINI Cooper as well and the Peugeot 207, however even though it has extra energy over the 1.4VTi, it would not consider as so much quicker in everyday riding. It can sprint from a standstill from 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds while returning 48mpg.

The C3 Diesel Engine Line-Up

Diesel engine variety starts with the 1.4-litreHDi with 70bhp which is a bit dull but for additionalvigour there’s the 1.6-litreHDi with 90bhp and it is able to cover the zero-62mph benchmark in only 11 seconds and returns an excellent fuel economy of more than 66mpg.

This Citroen C3 diesel engine also used in the Airdream+, which because of gearbox and aerodynamic changes, emits just 99g/km of CO2, and falls in the category of tax free vehicles.

Range Topping Diesel Engine

The range topping diesel engine is the 1.6 HDi with 110bhp. Just like the 90bhp variant that is particularly quiet and smooth, although it may possibly a bit noisy at greater revs. It has vigorous in-gear speed which makes overtaking easy for this engine.

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