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BMW 330d Balances Fuel Economy and Thrilling Drive

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BMW 330d

Instilling power and efficiency is a common practice for BMW

Owning a perfect automobile is not less than a blessing. A true satisfaction lifts your spirits if your daily use vehicle can deliver exactly you want from it. BMW specializes in supplying such beauties to the market. The 330d is not anything different having the flawless machinery and tempting body framework standing proudly among its rivals to persuade the onlooker for buying it.

Its engine is among the most attractive ones in the class always distinguishing it from others, giving a true performance of a sports car standard. The saloon is powered with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engine rushing the car from 0-100 in a 5.6 second time.

Engine Performance Wins

The 5.6 second time is a clear indicator of how this car shows its energy on road. A mere touch of foot on the accelerator will make the BMW cut the air in no time. The 560 Nm generated by the engine is no doubt the indicator of what adventure lies ahead of riding it. Chasing a slow runner ahead is a very frustrating long wait, but this can be overcome with 330d.

Whipping pass them is not a problem and with great throttle without losing breath engine carries the body effortlessly. This BMW 3 Series is especially designed for those who are engaged in traveling long distances. You are left with an engine which has excellent fuel economy devoid of any compromise on performance.

Handling is Class-Leading

Another positive aspect of this ride is its perfection in handling. Even in sharp turns this BMW keeps its balance and pushes to test its ability on the twisty roads. It certainly shows its sporty side in high speeds. But if you are not interested in this characteristic then it turns out great in slower town roads.

The eight-speed automatic gear box does well for the slow moves and reducing or raising speed goes of unnoticed. The road noise is also very less, only the natural growl of a sporty engine can be heard at the start up, but gain speed and everything settles well.

Interior is Moderate

The interior is not as fun as this one is to drive. It is a usual BMW interior and not as classy as its rivals but this does not mean that it lacks any of the latest gadgets. The cabin is well built with fine quality interior.

The driver and front passenger is always welcomed with electric seat adjustment, gaining a comfortable posture to enjoy the ride. The shaped seats at the rear also provide a grip for the occupier, which is absent in a bench like seat.

The legroom is also good for the rear passengers making the whole scenario a depiction of relaxation. If you are ready for installing options, then you can add up more value to your BMW 330d.

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