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BMW 3 Series Luxury saloon is an Icon in this class

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BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series saloon is a luxurious one in saloon category

In saloon class, there are many luxurious and comfortable vehicles available in the market but some are very special in them. BMW 3 Series saloon is one of the all-time legendary cars in this house.  BMW 3 Series is equipped with great features, style is impressive and dashing, the interior is luxurious and lavishly settled, the exterior is splendid, sleek appearance has all in it and its engines are outstanding.

Smooth and comfort are speechless. Though it has competent rivals such as Jaguar XF, Mercedes Benz S class and Chrysler it is well ahead of all of them due to its versatility and practicality.

Huge Engine range is there to support

There is something for everyone.  It has 1.5 litre, 1.6 litre, 2.0 litre and 3.0 litre petrol and diesel engine along with a hybrid and petrol/plugin elect hybrid versions. All are great in response. Well, refined engine range is great to perform with smoothness and briskness. Diesel is the most favorite one due to their economical consumption of fuel and long mileage ability.

In the whole engine range, 3.0 litre diesel engine is considered the best. It is capable of 254 hp and 413 lb/ft torque. It is a massive diesel engine with twin turbocharger. It is very sharp in response and takes 5.1 seconds to reach from 0-62 m/h along with the top speed of 155 m/h. It is considered the best in the whole engine range due to its speed and responsive and economical fuel average.

BMW 3 Series gives 55 m/g of fuel average along with 135 g/km of Co2 emissions and is fitted with eight-speed Step Auto automatic gearshift with four-wheel drive unit as standard. It is used in ninety to ninety-five % BMW 3 Series out of hundred. It offers superb driving experience with smoothness and quietness. It is best considered for long journeys.

Exterior and interior are exclusive

BMW 3 Series saloon has the dashing and exclusive look. Its exterior and interior have the great combination of each other. Its designing is impressive. The front grille is impressive, sides have aerodynamic creases on them, and the tail is great to look.

Headlamps and tail lights are of great style. The roofline is impressive. Interior is great and luxurious. Sitting arrangement and the settlement of equipment is great to use and feel. Leather and wood texture is awesome.  The cabin is impressively built and arranged.

General features are not only great but exclusive in response

BMW 3 Series saloon is a fully loaded vehicle. It is packed with quality stuff and you find quality work, everywhere. General features are of the same kind which is available in any common saloon of the day but there is hell difference of quality and standard. BMW has used the finest stuff to arrange its BMW 3 Series.

BMW has tried its level best to make it supreme and safe for its passengers. Safety kits are good in response. Reliability of its general features is great. Durability is good. The practicality of general features is great.

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