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Will Apple Have the Last Laugh?

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Apple Car Ambition

Apple’s Auto Ambitions Laughed at by Mercedes-Benz

Almost all the well-known auto manufacturers are not breaking a sweat on widely spread rumours about smartphone giant “Apple” entering into the auto industry. For them, it is really unrealistic approach that Apple is using, it doesn’t have any idea what kind of complexities are involved in to complete life-cycle of car production.

Along with auto industry’s big players is Mercedes-Benz, and the chief Dieter Zetsche says he is absolutely not losing any sleep over rumours. Apple has a long way ahead of it to go, and we’ll have to wait and see if it (Apple) is ever going to make it through.

Profit margin is the far most important aspect that everyone is neglecting here, says Zetsche. Apple is, in a rough estimation, enjoying about 25 percent Return on Investment (ROI) in the smartphone industry, whereas, in the auto industry, it’s not more than 10 percent. So would it be really wise of Apple to jump into something less profitable? Guess not!

It isn’t just the Mercedes that feels this way, GM is also on the same page as CEO Dan Akerson also believes that Apple doesn’t have any idea about the automotive industry and underestimating the challenges ahead. He also expresses his thoughts as if he was a shareholder, he would have serious doubts about the profit they were going to make.

The innovation and tech advancement that Apple has brought to smartphones and computers is absolutely above reproach, but that doesn’t mean they would be able to do the same in the auto industry. Against all the odds, Apple has employed more than 200 specialists are working on bringing Apple’s dream into life. But for the time being, many people find it a laughing stock. Let’s wait and see how it turns.

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