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Volkswagen Touareg Third Generation Model

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Volkswagen Touareg

The great reliability of Volkswagen is an undeniable fact

The executive luxury SUV segment has vehicles like the Volkswagen Touareg. The third generation of the car has just been introduced in Beijing Motor Show. And the same has come with new gadgets and technology features to make the competition tougher for the vehicle striving for the top slot in the segment. Volkswagen Touareg engines are extremely good in performance with such repute. Especially its V10 turbo 4.9-litre diesel engine, their resale value remains good.

Reconditioned Touareg engines are though not as good as they were at their time of being fitted but still remind the class of performance they once offer. Volkswagen supply and fit services make sure the vehicle gets fitted with reconditioned engine offer good performance for a reasonably long time. This elegant look of the vehicle is much similar to cars with badge of Audi. So you cannot resist keep looking at the tempting exterior.

The great reliability of Volkswagen is undeniable fact and when it couples with exquisite appearance. Then hard to find a reason to refuse this masterpiece of engineering particularly when there is increasing demand of SUVs and notable decline in decline in demand of cars. It is also suggesting that SUVs are replacing cars in most parts of the world.

Dimensions of the vehicle have extended

This great looking Touareg has a magnificent interior as the company focuses more on cabin but this time the exterior is equally exquisite. In fact, the appearance has totally been revamped and as mentioned earlier it is more like of a car. The LED lights on the front are of matrix style are merged with the grille and give a splendid look.

Another notable change is visible creases on the body. Which is contemporary and an attempt to make the impression smarter of this big vehicle. The rear side is sloppy and it is once again seems borrowed from Audi. Dimensions of the vehicle have extended so this model has increased width and length.

It is clear that the present Touareg is more spacious than the previous one. Boot space has also increased but this addition in dimension has resulted in the loss of considerable weight of 100kg. Reason of this lighter in weight model is the use of quality material to build the chassis. Which has more strength but not weighty.

In this way, the car is now not only smart in appearance. But has shed a lot of weight too as compared to the outgoing model.

The controls for heating and altering air movement

The most astonishing changes have been made inside the cabin and you notice at first the screen which is of bigger size to watch media. This gigantic media screen is standard and you will get them throughout the range. Volkswagen has given it the name of Innovision Cockpit system with 12 inches instrument display and 15 inches infotainment system placed side by side.

The controls for heating and altering air movement have not been shifted to the touch-screen. As these could not be controlled accurately there on the screens. The new touch-screen can be customized more by the user so one can adjust it as one wish.

You can put the frequently used apps at the most convenient place on the screen so that they can be on your fingertips. There is another split screen facility which has surely boosted the utility of this new system introduced by Volkswagen.

Ride Height Changes automatically

The other standard features of the car include a head-up display, active all-wheel steering which controls all wheels direction. And you feel as if driving with all-wheel drive configuration.

Air suspension is not present as a standard feature and it has been considered a shortcoming. As you shift from one driving mode to the other. The ride height changes and such a system has been added for the first time in this vehicle. This makes the car more stable at high speed as the above speed of 120kmh it lowers its height by 20mm.

There is a loader mode too which makes the car height lower. So that the load can be placed in boot area with greater ease. With a description of some of its features, you can easily understand that the car has been made with the intent to outclass all the competitors.

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