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Mercedes E220, An Ideal Luxury Family Car

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Mercedes E220

Affordable, reliable and durable with graceful styling

Well, the title says many things even if not all. As being a Mercedes product you can for sure be positive about many things said on paper. It is one of the oldest and the most appreciable brands which is there to gain the trust of many looking for a luxury car in the market. You get many upmarket articles when you enter the cabin and it is a treat for the eyes. This is a spacious car giving away comfort to the insiders. The recent update has replaced many old things and new technology makes the vehicle even more attractive. The price is kept lower so as to make it available for the ones who want luxury but do not want to or cannot spend much on it. You go towards the engine side and there will be no disappointment over here also. There is undoubtedly top class Mercedes reconditioned engines available to facilitate you in the case of engine damage. If you do not want used ones then there are also reconditioned Mercedes E220 engines supply and fit to make your worries fly away of from where to have the work done.

Engine on offer

There is a capable diesel engine which fires up this Mercedes. 2.1-litre E220 turbo diesel engine generates energy to the machine. This one produces 194 bhp and covers 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds and a torque of 400 Nm. This is rear wheel drive with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The engine is not underpowered or tiring in any way.

There is a good speed with quick responses from the back wheels. The gearbox is also smooth which helps the engine to reach the top speed. No matter in what way you want to rev it, the engine has no objection. Twisty roads are not a mark for E220 it is good for straight roads more. The engine is a good speed deliverer with nice driving dynamics. Engines are also quite to a large extent. You do get hear sounds when outside, but the inside cabin is to a large extent exempt of any external noise.

Cabin has a class and lots of room

Both the interior and exterior are as the brand depicts. The name is a symbol of lavish looks and quality materials. Same is present here. The leather upholstery is of a high standard and most of all durable. So practicality is also there along with entertaining factor and you cannot just incline to a single factor. The interior has got some very handy controls and technologies to make the driver, as well as the passengers, enjoy this ride. Cruise control, power steering, headlight off and ignition key off reminder, cup holders, Mp3 playback, AUX compatibility, Bluetooth and the list goes on.

You get everything that a limousine can deliver and to that extent everything is present. The head and leg room are also good and there is no objection from any size of passengers. The front and rear get treated equally well.

Safety features

Mercedes is always keen to provide the customers with excellence and safe vehicles. Mercedes E220 also has a good list of safety side and there is no denying that these all are useful. This includes airbags, dual-stage airbags, middle rear three-point seat, anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, electronic stability control, traction control system, engine immobilizer, central locking, child-safety lock and still more to be experienced. So the safety side also does not have a loophole or any absentees. The adults and children are equally safe in this locomotive. So the vehicle is not only smart, relaxing and enjoyable, it keeps your life safe also.

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