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Choose Ford Grand C-Max If Practicality, Space and Engines Matter

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Ford Grand C-Max

Combination of all the Three Makes an MPV Fit for any Purpose and Distance

Grand C-Max is a spacious MPV used by big families or commercial users. There are many things to appreciate but you have to look close enough. The exterior may be unattractive to some but the inside is where matters get solved. It is close to the S-Max by Ford but more compact and lesser in price. The interior is very practical and the engines support the size very well. Ford Grand C-Max engines are designed so as to make the structure move easily around. It is a sensible car which one can buy without any doubts with head and heart also. With seven seats inside there is not lesser space for anyone. There are sliding doors which do sometimes hinder the access to rear seats. But they are highly useful when getting parked in a cramped parking. But getting to the back seats get easier when you fold the middle ones and the problem gets solved easily. There is also an option of folding all the seats. And this gives off a good amount of space for luggage or any other goods to be transported. You also get the facility of Ford Grand C-Max engine supply and fit so that. The users may not get in trouble for the purpose.

Engines Get Good Rating

There are punchy diesel engines always on the go with this all-rounder. Although it is softer than the S-Max still engines are good enough to satisfy you in this price range. There will be no others like these out there.

The 1.5-litre diesel engine is forceful with 118 bhp and if you want more speed then there is more. The 148 bhp 2.0-litre Ford Grand C-Max diesel engine which performs even better when fully loaded. There is also a petrol option of 1.0-litre EcoBoost with two variations; the lower 99 bhp and the more powerful 123 bhp. If you really want this one with petrol then the 123 bhp will be more desirable. But however, you have a lot of travelling in your checklist and carry heavy loads in the back. You should choose a diesel as it will support your cause more appropriately.

The Inside

There is a whole lot of easy layout when you enter the car. The seats give you a good support and do not fatigue the occupants during the journey. The dashboard is not clustered, juts only the very useful knobs are there with a screen. The infotainment system is very easy to use but still. You have to get used to it before really saying this. The materials are of good quality and there are no rough surfaces you have to touch.

There is an easy environment inside and a decent standard of everything. The manual gearbox is also situated at the right angle and you do not have to tire the arm to reach it. There is a very good visibility due to thinner pillars. Parking sensor is standard which really makes the work of parking it accurately easier.

What to Consider

This an MPV you are going to buy and what is more important is that. How much it fulfils your need for space and the durability of using from inside and out. The vehicle gets a good rank in case of reliability and safety. It is logically built to care for the passengers or family members you are going to accommodate it. Technology is not lesser; you get the right things for right actions. The price is kept low to keep it in reach of the ones who cannot get to the next level. The engines carry this transport with ease, not letting the power vanish when there is a full capacity usage.

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