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5 Top Fuel Saving Tips! You Can Use on Petrol Engines

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Top 5 Tips

If you are running a petrol engine, try these 5 tactics to save fuel and get high mileage

People in this part of the world prefer to buy petrol engines in their cars and ultimately, sales of petrol cars are also high. But it is also clear that a petrol engine has higher emissions and lower power from its equal sized counterpart diesel engine. If you are worried about your fuel economy and mileage of your petrol engine, these 5 driving tactics can help you a lot.

Although car manufacturing companies are striving to increase the fuel economy of their engines and if they succeeded, new cars may have resulted in better real world fuel economy. Till then, our listed key fuel saving tips can help you to get high mileage from petrol engines.

Engine expert’s advice

Before the actual traits to get in mind, our engine experts advise to change your habit of hard pushing the throttle, because when on a petrol engine, you push the throttle hard, it kills your fuel economy. Be gentle on the throttle and get high mileage.

Traits to Get High Mileage

  • Don’t hold each gear for long:

    drivers must not hold any gear for very long for get into the maximum torque zone. On a petrol engine, maximum torque zone arrives instantly and early comparatively a diesel engine. If you shift with the flow, it will save you a lot on fuel and return an extended mileage.

  • Avoid Over-Revving:

    in general, over revving must be avoided, it can harm your engine and thus the fuel economy. Coasting techniques are introduced to; get you ride of the light throttle response.

  • Avoid idling on petrol engines:

    unlike the diesel engines, petrol engines do not need idling on the naturally aspirated engines. It also increase the fuel economy by saving unnecessary fuel burning.

  • Be Smart on Air Conditioning Use:

    smartly use the air conditioning system. Using the AC without any serious need, it kills your fuel economy but smart use of AC, boosts your fuel economy.

  • Remove unnecessary loads in your cargo area:

    it is one of the vital fuel saving tip to get rid of unnecessary cargo from your car. Keep it tidy and clean, people usually carry unnecessary goods in the back compartments and this load kills your fuel economy as well.

It is significant to think smartly when you are behind the wheel, it’s you, the driver who can save more than 30% fuel by smartly driving the car.

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